Parson's Peddler


Thursday Night Parson’s Peddler

Starting on the 6th April

These rides are aimed at cyclists of all abilities. We leave the Parson Woodforde at 06:30 pm.

The Groups

Beginners and slower group

Rides will be around 15 miles in distance and we aim to average a speed of between 11-14 mph. A great way to find out what group riding is all about.

Social Ride

The route will be around 20 -25 miles and with an average speed of around 15 to 16 mph. Aimed at keeping a social feel to a group ride.

Follow the Rainbow

John will lead a ride following the same route as G’s group at a speed of 17-18 mph.

A great stepping stone to the faster chain-gang group.

G’s Ride 19+

Graeme will lead a ride this is where you will start to take part in chain gangs taking turns on the front. The speed of these rides will be 19+ and distance will be over 25 miles

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