A page with different training ideas


To find your LTHR do a 30-minute time trial all by yourself (no training partners and not in a race). Again, it should be done as if it was a race for the entire 30 minutes. But at 10 minutes into the test click the lap button on your heart rate monitor. When done look to see what your average heart rate was for the last 20 minutes. That number is an approximation of your LTHR.

Go hard for the entire 30 minutes. But be aware that most people doing this test go too hard the first few minutes and then gradually slow down for the remainder. That will give you inaccurate results. The more times you do this test the more accurate your LTHR is likely to become as you will learn to pace yourself better at the start.

Zone Calculator

Hill Intervals

Following a thorough warm up go to a hill around 6 to 8 percent that takes 3 to 5 mins to complete and climb 5 times. stay seated and keep cadence above 60+.Build to zone 5 then recover for around 5 mins before next effort


After a thorough warm up complete 4 to 6 sets of 15 to 30 second sprints with equal amount of rest between each effort. So if you do a 15 second sprint this is followed by a 15 second  rest.


After a good warm up find a flat course without stops and light traffic or a turbo trainer. Do 5 Intervals 3 to 6 mins long with a cadence of 90+ build to zone high 4 or 5 then recover to zone 1 before next Interval.


On a mostly flat course ride for 20 to 40 mins non stop in zone 4. stay relaxed and aerodynamic and listen closely to your breathing throughout the workout.